Uber, the cab company easily accessible through any iPhone or Android, is planning to start delivering food to your front door.

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The cab service is expanding their UberEats program by using a standalone app specifically for those services. This app will allow customers to make delivery orders from restaurants in about 10 cities including New York, Chicago and San Francisco, according to Time.

So far, the service will only be during lunch hours in select cities buried within the original Uber app, but once the standalone app is ready for usage, deliveries through UberEats will be available throughout the day. The app is currently being tested in Toronto.


How does it work? According to reports, “UberEats will tap into Uber’s vast network of drivers in order to complete deliveries. When a customer makes an order from a participating restaurant, Uber will locate drivers who are near the restaurant at the time and see if they want to complete the order and collect a delivery fee. Drivers will be able to take multiple orders from the same restaurant to increase efficiency.”

UberEats will charge a delivery fee of $5, which is more than what other food-ordering apps like GrubHub would charge. On a brighter note, UberEats will allow customers to order food from places that don’t initially offer delivery service. The app is expected to launch by the end of March.