Things get real while in transit and such was the case earlier this week when a there was dispute on the northbound 5 train in the Bronx. Video was captured of a woman being verbally combative with a fellow train rider who appeared to be a construction worker, putting her hands in his face and later spitting at him. The two shouted obscenities at each other all throughout the clip with the woman even preventing the train from moving while at the Jackson Ave station.

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As the war of words continued, the woman’s boyfriend attempted to calm her down by stating “Yo, chill,” but she paid him no mind as she continued. In a move which shows that chivalry is not completely dead, the man who was being harassed lunged at the woman’s boyfriend hitting him with a series of crunching blows and kicking him in the head while on the ground.

Instead of attempting to break up the scuffle, the woman shouted for him to stop, while filming him with her cameraphone, stating “You going to jail.” Other subway riders shouted at the woman, telling her that this is her fault. The highlight of the clip was after the attack, when a woman off camera shouted “look at your man, he’s lumpy. He looks like Martin.” Yikes. Watch the two clips below.


On the two train , this lady was too big to sit in a small space next to the guy, he instead let his smaller coworker sit next to him. She then got upset , they threw insults back and fourth. She then began to get into his face. She spit at him , it missed. She spit at him again and he began to beat up her boyfriend because he didn’t wanna hit her.

Posted by Belle Porter on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part two !!!!

Posted by Belle Porter on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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