Former New York City correction officer Victor Rodman was sentenced to spend 90 days behind bars for attacking inmate Carlos Sanchez on Rikers Island in July 2009, along with attempting to cover-up the incident. Rodman, had previously spent over 20 years as a correction officer but resigned immediately after he was indicted.

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Victor Rodman will serve jail time only weekends until spring of 2017 when his 90 day sentence will be complete. A co-worker, Michelle Hubert, was also found guilty of filing false paperwork in order to assist Rodman in the cover-up. She was fired after her conviction and sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

The Bronx District Attorney’s office was looking to have Rodman serve up to four years in state prison for the attack and cover-up but Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus cut him some slack. This because he was not convinced that Rodman was responsible for all of Sanchez’s injuries. The inmate had been attacked on three separate occasions that same day, including by a group of Crips, said Marcus.


At the time of the incident, Sanchez was awaiting trial for helping a man murder a patron at bar in Queens back in 2007. He was convicted of the crime and is currently doing time in state prison.