The Federal Aviation Asociation(FAA) has declared that the skies above this year’s Super Bowl will be off limits to all unauthorized aircraft.

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The same rules apply for Super Bowl “L”, the Roman numeral for ’50’, which will be played in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on February 7, as they did for last year’s NFL Champiponship game in Phoenix, AZ.

On the website set up by the FAA, it specifies that flights up to 17,999 feet and within a 37-mile radius of Levi’s Stadium are off-limits for aircraft from 2pm to midnight. There’s also an inner core with an 11.5-mile radius from the stadium where the FAA has particularly advised against flying. These notices are subject to change as the event gets closer.


The prohibition simply means people that live many miles away who want to fly their drones on a Sunday may be breaking the law when they do.

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