Several celebrities and notables have joined forces in an attempt to derail the possiblity of Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump in a campaign that has been dubbed “Stop Hate, Dump Trump”.

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Most recently, actress Kerry Washington and philanthropist Harry Belafonte have aligned themselves among other notables in film and television such as Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Fonda, Dylan McDermott, Roseann Barr and Lily Tomlin who have chosen to  “speak out in every way possible” in an attempt to stop the real estate tycoon from becoming the next President of the United States.

On the website, the group says it believes “Trump is a grave threat to democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, and the welfare of our country and all our people.”

It goes on to say, “We have witnessed Trump inciting hatred against Muslims, immigrants, women and the disabled. We have seen him evidencing dangerous tendencies that threaten the bedrock of democracy: unleashing a lynch mob mentality against protesters, calling for the expulsion of Muslims from the country, bullying, and fear-mongering.”


Currently, the group has gathered over 800 signatures in support of its campaign.