In a new spread shot by photographer Brianna Capozzi, A$AP Rocky has teamed up with the legendary beauty Naomi Campbell.

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Keeping it simple, the supermodel wears a white robe in an intimate shoot alongside the rapper, to grace the cover and pages of Pop Magazine.

For an interview with DailyMail, the editor behind the shoot, Ashley Heath, said, “The chemistry between Naomi and Rocky was immediate. I knew Naomi would take this cover story to another level but she never ceases to surprise.”


The 27-year-old rapper and the 45-year-old model do make an unlikely couple, and maybe that’s why the shoot works so well.

Check out a quick behind-the-scenes clip here.

#NaomiCampbell and #ASAPRocky photographed by Brianna Capozzi for POP Magazine Spring/Summer 2016

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