Wherever Gilbert Arenas goes, drama follows, whether he’s drawing guns in an NBA locker room, or arriving at the tail end of a fist-fight between two current and active members of the NBA (both of whom had a romantic relationship at one point with his ex-wife’s sister). For the second time in as many months, Arenas has made some ill-advised posts to his Instagram account, and these received such vicious backlash that the former Wizards and Magic star has deleted his entire Instagram account.

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The Flint Water crisis has become nationally concerning news over the last couple weeks, especially considering that city officials have continually tried to make the national government aware of their burgeoning issues since 2014 (and there’s evidence that supports that). Thankfully, several people, including Diddy, Big Sean, and Meek Mill, have made generous donations to help the city of Flint, and more are helping bring awareness to what’s a very dire situation in the small Michigan city.

Gilbert Arenas didn’t seem to care about any of that when he posted the following images–we’ve attached snapshots because he really did delete his whole account–clowning Flint women for “washing that ass with #dirtyleadwater for months,” and several other atrocious comments.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.37.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.38.21 PM arenas arrow

Some people just don’t deserve the internet.