Kanye West is often thought to be a bit of a perfectionist – to say the least – so it should come as no surprise that his indecisiveness continues to be prevalent as we approach the release of his seventh solo album. Continuing to tinker with its rollout, it appears that one more wrench has been thrown into the initial plans.

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While he may not be changing his opinion about it being “the best album of all time” – or, perhaps more accurately as we learned today, “of the life” – the Chicago MC has decided to change its name once more. Having been referred to as SWISH ever since May of last year, when he deterred from the project’s original title, So Help Me God, Yeezy’s next LP will now – for the time being, anyway – be known as WAVES. The swap appears to have been alluded to by his G.O.O.D. Music protege, Travis Scott several hours earlier this afternoon, when he tweeted an abundance of surfer emojis.

To his credit though, Kanye did warn us back when he made the first switch that he could end up changing the album’s title again, so I suppose we shouldn’t have assumed SWISH would be set in stone. But it raises the question as to whether or not further substitutions will be made to, say, his tracklist for example, which West recently insisted was complete upon sharing a handwritten version. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get cold feet in regards to that release date.


UPDATE: It turns out Yeezy has, in fact, made adjustments to the album’s tracklist as well. Now consisting of three separate acts, the project will also include an additional song called “Ultra Light Beam.” It’s worth mentioning that the piece of lined notebook paper that previously only had a personalized note from his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, now includes several additional signatures, most excitably one from A$AP Rocky. Stay tuned to The Source as the situation develops – as it almost assuredly will at this point.