Unruly Broncos Fan Allegedly Kicks Over Port-A-Potty with Patriots Fan Still Inside

The Denver Broncos won a thriller of an AFC Championship game at home against the New England Patriots on Sunday, thanks to a voracious effort by Denver’s front four, which disallowed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to pull off their usual late-game heroics.

While a Patriots fan took to a Port-A-Potty outside Mile High Stadium in Denver to lament their team’s shortcomings, a Broncos fan was intent on adding insult to injury. According to the person who took this video, a Broncos fan apparently kicked over the portable bathroom said Patriots fan was occupying, and as nearby Broncos fans continued to laugh at the sight in front of them, the Port-A-Potty continued to lay on its side, as a few fans stood over it, trying to figure out what the next best course of action was.


That Patriots fan is going to be rooting–hard–for Cam Newton and the Panthers in a couple weeks. We’re sure of it.