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Young OG Rih…..


Rihanna reflects on musical inspirations, fashion do’s and don’ts and what it is about her that makes girls feel like they can relate to her. Music Choice has EXCLUSIVE clips from 2008 with the ‘ANTI’ star.



Why do so many girls feel like they can relate to Rihanna?


“I try to make it easy for my female fans to relate to me by not trying to be perfect. I’m not perfect, and I know that…and I think that makes every person unique, their imperfections. So I think females can relate to me better that way. I’m rebellious, and I know every female teenage girl is at some point.”



Rihanna’s 2008 Musical Inspirations


“I just wanted to be a singer. I just always wanted to be a singer from very, very little…but I really admire the careers of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion…I mean those two really stand out to me in my eyes.”


Rihanna’s 2008 Fashion Do’s & Don’ts


My ‘Do’ for style, um especially with dresses, um there’s a very fine border line of sexy and trashy. It has to be sexy, but classy…and my ‘Don’t’ is make sure that it’s not too over the top or too exposing because then you look very trashy…and that’s not good.