A few days ago, Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin made headlines after he “mysteriously” broke his hand and will be sidelined for at least month. It was later revealed that Griffin actually punched assistant equipment manager Matias Testi during a January 23rd incident in Toronto while the team was in town to play the Raptors. Now, with more details being leaked to the public and the NBA launching their own investigation into the matter, it has become apparent that the two men were jokingly poking fun at each other and things went overboard.

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The two men were at a Toronto area restaurant along with Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and assistant athletic trainer Joe Resendez when things got heated. The Los Angeles Times reported that it began with good-natured teasing, as friends normally do, and things got way out of hand, with Griffin punching Testi “multiple times,” inside the restaurant and later following him outside and hitting him again.

When speaking on the matter, Jordan said:


It’s a tough situation. Two guys that I’m super close with and it’s sticky, man. It’s tough.

The incident resulted in Testi having a severely swollen face and Griffin with a broken right hand. When police officers arrived on the scene, Testi allegedly denied that there was a confrontation and no report was made