Sometimes it’s best to just get things off of your chest. Wearing his heart on his sleeve as he lets his emotions spill uncontrollably, Lil Wayne swallows his pride and bears his soul on the mixed and mastered version of his passionate tearjerker “Cry Out (Amen),” which has finally been liberated by its producer STREETRUNNER in honor of the 10th anniversary of a rough and unfinished version leaking online an entire decade ago.

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Weezy, whose most recent recordings can be heard on his No Ceilings 2 mixtape, comes apart at the seams and completely unravels as he vents about the issues most personal to him, while simultaneously striking the nerves of many. Sadly, several of the topics he addresses, such as murder by police and racism in general for example, are as prevalent today as they were back then – if not more so.