Yesterday, the Internet was buzzing after Kanye West had a spat on Twitter with Wiz Khalifa. What originally sparked it all was West announcing that his new album has been renamed from SWISH to WAVES. Wiz took to his Twitter and cited Harlem’s own Max B as the originator of “the wave.” Though things eventually got a bit personal and Ye ultimately retracted his statements, the topic of “waviness,” made Max B aka Wavy Crockett, a trending topic.

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The rapper is currently serving a 75 year sentence in New Jersey State prison after he was convicted of conspiracy charges in connection with a murder/robbery. Producer Dame Grease, who produced many of Max’s records placed a call sharing the news with him and The Wavy One decided to send a message to West via the recorded phone call. The result is a new track which finds the Harlem native’s new vocals placed over an instrumental of The Pharcyde‘s classic “Runnin’ (Can’t Keep Running Away).” A tweet was also shared on his behalf.


Give it a listen below and by chance you’re unfamiliar with Max B work, a quick search of his extensive catalog is in order. Wavy!

Free Max B!