For those looking to take “Netflix and Chill” to the next level, this Airbnb apartment in New York City has you covered.

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Starting with the original Netflix and chill bed lined with surround sound speakers, down to the mini bar stocked with a broad array of alcoholic options such as champagne, wine, vodka, gin, whiskey and beer, this apartment features everything you need for a successful night in.



The “Netflix and Chill Room”—as its designers Tom Galle and ART404 have appropriately titled it—offers movie watching from an HD projector connected with the new Apple TV and a Netflix account with not one, but two remote controllers so both of you can have your own clicker.

When you’re not enjoying the bed, enjoy the large marble finished bathroom or get some fresh air on the rooftop which offers a view of New York’s skyline.

With a price tag of $400 a night, the “Netflix and Chill Room” is available through Airbnb here.