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Thugger stopped by  “The Angie Martinez Show” and shared some very interesting news. The “Best Friend” rapper  teamed up with Kanye West and the two have over an album worth of music together, “like 40 songs, way more than an album,” Thug said.  Young Thug also mentioned that him and Kanye have been working together for three years and called the music , “amazing.” Thugger was also joined by 300 Entertainment CEO Lyor Cohen who is a fan of both rappers, “You have two of the most creative forces in this game today collaborating…Kanye’s a genius and he’s constantly looking for other people who are prepared, who are creative risk takers.”

Of course, it would be epic if a song or two appeared on Waves but that’s unclear at the moment and Thug is keeping things real low. “I guess we’re just placing them, getting them together. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a date on that based on the papers I signed with him.” Fair enough…look out for Thug’s third installment in his Slime Season mixtape series on February 5.