Royalty singer Chris Brown is at his breaking point with his daughter’s mother as she continues to accuse him of bad parenting.

According to Nia Guzman, their one and a half year old baby girl Royalty has developed asthma as a result of Brown’s incessant cigarette and weed smoking. Despite Guzman’s attempts, it looks like Brown isn’t having it. He took to Instagram (prior to deleting the post) letting the world know how he had dramatically changed his fast lifestyle for his little girl.

The doting father went on at length to describe his love for his toddler, and naturally questioned the motives of the mother by insinuating this was yet another attempt to squeeze additional dollars out of him.


According to reports from TMZ, Guzman is back in court insisting Brown’s wild lifestyle is having a declining effect on their daughter’s health, and the reason she has developed asthma.

Guzman is allegedly asking the judge to either require Brown have a full time nanny present at all times, or that his visitation rights be reduced. She’s also looking to have him subjected to frequent drug testing, and let’s not forget she wants the child support upped from $2,500 to $16,000, which is a vast difference.

Perhaps Guzman is still smarting from Brown’s joint custody win of their daughter back in September 2015?