Adele has already sold a gazillion copies of her latest album, 25–she’s actually sold just under 8 million, a mark she’ll hit this month–and she’s not done reigning atop the Billboard 200. After taking a couple weeks off, thanks to posthumous sales of David Bowie‘s Blackstar and the Panic! at the Disco‘s first chart-topper, the British songstress has returned to the number one spot, moving roughly 116,000 copies of her third opus.

Despite the record-breaking performance, Adele has been relatively quiet, releasing just one music video off the album. However, that’ll likely subside in the coming weeks, as she’s slated to perform at the Grammy Awards this month, and her tour–which includes 6 consecutive sold-out Madison Square Garden engagements–kicks off on February 29.

Though official numbers and projections aren’t yet in, Adele’s return to the top spot will likely be short-lived, as Rihanna‘s ANTI–which is already certified platinum–will certainly make a big splash when it hits the charts.