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The frenzy for Kanye West and anything related to him is bananas, especially his Yeezys. One fan in Paris got the opportunity to meet West and he got his adidas Yeezy 750 Boost signed. Check out Lucas Labelle, an 18-year-old student from Paris, tell us how everything went down.


Here you go.

I’m Lucas Labelle, I live in Paris and I am a very big fan of Kanye. I have followed everything that he did, supported him, and showed him respect in the ways I could. I don’t consider myself as a follower, I just think that this artist should deserve the respect that he owns for all the tremendous hard work he just puts in, and the message he is trying to pass to us.

As soon as I knew Kanye was in Paris, I just had finished class and went back home. At first, as always when the news comes in, I was jumping like a kid, but had to stay calm. I searched my house for a white pen/Sharpie, which I could not find to be able to sign my black 750s. This was a present from my girlfriend for Christmas, which she surprised me with on the way back to Paris, as she knows I was a huge fan, and I could not get those because I was on a plane. Thanks to her, I managed to get what is one of the most beautiful sneakers of our times.

I then rushed on my scooter to many stores trying to find one that would sell white pens, and eventually found one after one hour of running back and forth. While I was now going towards the 8th district where Kanye was seen (Vetements showroom), I had my right shoe in the back of my scooter, and I was driving as fast as I could. It took me time before finding the right spot, but a phone call confirmed the exact location where I met two other fans waiting for him.

I know how it is when Kanye is in Paris, the worst thing to do is take the phone and call your friends, that way you will only make him stressed and angry. I waited for one good hour. Ian Connor eventually coming down every now and then. More people came suddenly, and, at that point, I realized I would not get them signed. The paparazzi, screaming girls — I stayed away from the mess, as I knew it would get me nothing. Kanye, just like any human being, wants respect, and that’s what I was trying to give him. Even if he did not sign them, I would have understood and tried another time.

The door opened and God came out. Everyone jumped on him, trying to take pictures and screamed. About 15 people were there. I was near the black van. I saw Kanye coming toward me as I was holding my sneakers. He took it in his hands, took the pen from my hand, and attempted to sign. It wasn’t clear enough, I was raging inside. Of course I did not open my mouth, because it was already really cool of him to do this with all the flashes and noises going on. I took out another pen, which I had, and asked him, “Please Kanye, would you mind trying with this one.” He turned around and signed again with his smile. I was shaking again, just like the first time I met him back in 2014. It’s an unreal experience to stand in front of this man. I can only say thank you. It’s crazy how media treats him, I don’t think it’s the image that he deserves. He’s a great man, he wants to make people happy as long as you behave as is needed. I went straight back home, looked at the signature in all it’s details probably 15 million times and took the shot.