While Kevin Hart is enjoying the release of his current feature film Ride Along 2 (where he costars with Ice Cube) not everyone is laughing.

On Twitter a couple days back, a fan posed the question about the “stereotypical roles” both Hart and fellow comedian Marlon Wayans seem to play.

Kevin Hart fired back at the question, advising critics that lack of support and criticism from Black people doesn’t help the entertainers’ cause.


Hart then went on to explain his contributions to comedy and film are to aid in the fight to get more people of color out of typecast roles. He then went on to point out criticism over films that showcase a particular role can lead to no progress because the lack of support further backs up the stereotype Black actors can’t draw huge numbers in the box office.

The backlash didn’t stop there. Marlon Wayans, who’s out promoting his new feature film 50 Shades of Black, also responded support is necessary to open the door for bigger roles.

This isn’t the first time the two comedic actors have come under fire for their roles. In 1995, Shawn and Marlon were harshly accused by fans of “cooning” for the camera during the run of their highly successful and abruptly ended sitcom, The Wayans Brothers, and since then have been under seemingly consistent fire for their choice of comedy sketches. In 2013 while promoting his high-grossing film Haunted House in Australia, Marlon told critics in an interview with Crickey exactly what he thought.

“I don’t give a shit. After ‘White Chicks’ I gave up on reviewers,” Marlon said. “I was just like, whatever. Whatever you guys want to say. I look at ‘White Chicks’ and it gets one and a half stars and I’m looking at the audience and I’m hearing the thunderous laughter. I’m just going, you know what, you guys have got a thumb up your ass. You have a fist. It’s a fist up your arse and I’m not going to fight you on it. Just enjoy it and I’m not going to fight you on it. Their opinions are their opinions and I’m not mad at them. The only time they give great reviews is when you do a movie for them. Critics like, I guess, smarter comedy. Scatalogical comedy and weed jokes don’t work for them.”

And Kevin simply ended his response with the following: