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The people fleeing Syria because of the massive bombing campaign from the Syrian Government, fighting between the various groups, and the ISIS regime may receive help from law students in Chicago.

According to various news outlets, The John Marshall Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic will offer representation to Syrians seeking asylum in Illinois and other non-legal needs. The clinic assists refugees in Illinois with housing, medical services, and navigating the public benefits system.

Since Syria took center stage during the Arab Spring, the country and its institutions have degraded to the point where there has been a massive exodus of its citizens to Europe. While a majority of the refugees are in Europe and Turkey, some have made it to the United States with others petitioning to join them.


The Syrian issue has brought to light some concerns regarding security following some terrorist attacks and threats to countries in Europe. Several candidates seeking to become President have the made the issue a huge part of their campaign. Donald Trump, the leading candidate on the Republican side, has said he will look into preventing any more refugees from coming to the United States. He claims he would place a temporary ban on Muslims on entering the country as well, and has been chastised for his views from his fellow opponents.