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AMC‘s hit show, The Walking Dead, will premiere on Valentine’s Day, February 14, picking up from where we left off during season 6’s midseason finale. It may end up giving new meaning to “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”, since when we last saw Rick and the gang they were walking through a zombie swarm and according to creator Robert Kirkman in the midseason premiere “many people will die”. Though chances are this purge will consist of mainly C-list cast members, Kirkman’s “no one safe” mantra still stands firm, and we now know that one cast member will definitely appear zombified in the episode. And that’s Deanna Monroe.

Deanna went out in a blaze of glory, after sustaining a zombie bite, and ultimately taking her own life. In a new promotion for the upcoming midseason premiere on The Walking Dead‘s Instagram, there’s what seems like a zombified Deanna is pictured.



Notice the shirt she’s wearing and the pearl necklace that she wore in the midseason finale.

deanna monroe


Chances are Deanna, who’s played by actress Tovah Feldshuh won’t be the only cast member that meets a decomposed fate. Find out who else does when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 14.

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