Distortedd Releases a Trippy ‘Menace II Society’ Themed Collection


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“..and a double burger with cheese.”

The 90’s saw a wellspring of what is regularly and affectionately classified as “hood films”. These classic movies such as Boyz N The Hood, South Central and Juice have maintained relevancy throughout the years for the many quotables and iconic scenes from them. Inspired by 1993’s Menace II Society, artist Distortedd‘s newest collection is her take on major scenes from the classic film.

The Philly paint-slinger and digital artist, who was recently featured in our Concrete Canvas art series, immerses Menace II Society characters into her trippy world, where they all are swirly-eyed cyclopses and the nostalgic scenes are given a foreboding, psychedelic touch.

Check out the gallery above of Distortedd’s Menace II Society collection, as well as her website for prints and all things Distortedd.