According to a report by ESPN‘s Pat McMananom, the Cleveland Browns are releasing Johnny Manziel–also known as Johnny Football–next month, after a string of off-field incidents and party videos led to less-than-favorable coverage for the Texas A&M alum.

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The Browns traded up in the 2014 NFL Draft to put themselves in a position to draft Manziel, which they did with the 22nd overall pick in the first round. After a tumultuous off-season and spring training, the Browns awarded the starting role to Brian Hoyer. Over the next couple season, injuries to Hoyer and Josh McCown afforded Manziel several opportunities to start, but he went 2-6 as a starter, and never gained traction with the organization.

It’s unclear as to whether or not Manziel will get another shot at playing as soon as next season, but there are a few teams whose quarterback situation could be upgraded with the addition of Manziel, like Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Jacksonville.