Watch Usher’s New Video, “Chains,” Featuring Nas & Bibi Bourelly

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This past October, Usher dropped a profound new single, “Chains,” featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly on TIDAL, using an interactive feature that required you to stare into the eyes of the digitally rendered faces of several victims of unjust deaths including Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Today, Usher’s released a new video, which takes him from the church to the streets, surrounded by moving, evocative images of activism and police brutality. It’s the most compelling example of social commentary that we’ve ever seen or heard from Usher, and we certainly wouldn’t mind more of it. No word yet on when Usher plans on releasing his highly-anticipated new album, his first since 2013’s Looking 4 Myself, and it’s still unclear how much of Usher’s recent material, including this, “Good Kisser” and “She Came to Give it to You,” will make the final cut.


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