Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton just went head-to-head in the closest race in Democratic Iowa caucus history, and though Hillary Clinton snuck out a victory, Bernie Sanders is by no means losing his ground on Clinton, who’s watched the gap between her and the Vermont Senator close significantly in recent months. Chalk up this recent Twitter exchange to added confidence, as Sanders uses one of Clinton’s own quotes against her in response to a Twitter user that quoted Sanders’ belittling of Clinton’s reputation as a “progressive.”

Rather than just let the remark settle into the comfortable nothingness of the Twittersphere, Sanders opted instead to load his tweet gun and shoot right back at Clinton, commenting with an exact quote from Clinton, in which she pleaded “guilty” to being “kind of moderate and center.”

With caucus season upon us and less than 10 months to go until the 2016 Presidential elections, expect these frenzied exchanges from Sanders and Clinton–be it at a debate or on social media–to continue.