Stacey Dash caused an uproar in the Black community after appearing on Fox and Friends declaring African Americans had no right to complain about the Oscars’ lack of diversity when there are categorized award shows and channels such as BET and Black History Month. The Mo’ Money actress went on to declare her American status and suggest Black History is essentially American History, and the celebration of one causes a divide rather than a bond.

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Although many in the entertainment industry, network BET (remember the whole ‘Never Forget’ day of video dedications and infamous ‘can we get our check back’ clap back) and supporters have all come out to directly let Dash have it, a non-profit and advocacy group Because of Them We Can  launched by photographer Eunique Jones Gibson decided to release a video featuring an array of charming African-American kids explaining why the month is not only needed, but necessary.

Because of Them We Can was designed to celebrate Black History Month in more creative ways beyond just the 29 days. Gibson’s first campaign featured children dressed as modern-day Black history heroes, from former Attorney General Eric Holder to Nelson Mandela and Harriet Tubman. 



The group also announced a partnership with Nickelodeon for the second year to bring PSAs to children in honor of Black History Month.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Nickelodeon for Black History Month for the 2nd year in a row” the advocacy group announced via it’s Facebook page. ” All month long you can tune into the network to see PSAs of our children channeling some of our treasures like Maya Angelou and Malcolm X to name a few.”