Last week, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa were engulfed in a Twitter controversy that stemmed from Yeezy renaming his album, WAVES, after previously calling it SWISH and So Help Me God. Soon after the announcement went viral, Wiz Khalifa indirectly responded to the news, generally imploring people to not steal Max B‘s wave, and declaring that the Harlem rapper, who is currently serving a 75-year prison sentence for several crimes including murder, is “the wavy one.”

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Since then, the controversy has died down, and after sending shots at each other, the two rappers have reportedly settled their differences in an “all positive” meeting. However, right on time, we’ve now heard from Max B himself, who called into Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club from prison to speak on Wiz, Kanye, and being the “wavy” originator. He started by stating his feelings on being acknowledged by both Wiz and Kanye, saying “It’s all love. I appreciate it. I’m flattered that dudes are even acknowledging the situation. Everybody knows I’m an innovator. Everybody knows I got imagination. I come up with words and these slogans and these catch phrases and it’s all good when the people follow suit. I like Kanye, I appreciate it. I love it, thank you.”

He went on to get a bit more specific, honing in on the title of Kanye’s album with respect to his signature “wavy” slogan. “He ain’t drop a diss record, he just called his album WAVES. And everybody know I’m the wavy daddy,” before going on to admit that though he’s never met Wiz, “he good people.”


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