According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the 2.1 million Black owned businesses in America generate an annual revenue of over $138 billion.

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That number alone might sound impressive, however, compare it with the roughly $30.0 trillion in revenue that businesses in America achieve yearly, and it starts telling a different story.

Granted, the number of new Black owned businesses in America has continued to grow, as the 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report shows that African American women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America; but, support, legislature, education and action are still needed.



So how can you support the growth and success of Black owned businesses in the US? Start as a conscious consumer, and let where you spend your money empower you.

One way to make that easier, is by using a new app called Purchase Black. Founded by Brian AM Williams, Purchase Black app is the first of it’s kind, offering users a marketplace comprised of 100 percent verified black owned businesses.

“It should not be so hard to find and buy from high quality Black owned businesses” said Williams, “today everything happens from our phones—Black businesses should be equally as accessible as any other business and that’s what I am bringing with this mobile app—accessibility.”


A mobile spin-off from the website Williams started in 2012, consumers can use the app to not only shop from their phone, but also share products on social media—a key feature to help support growth and exposure among the brands and businesses participating.

Like any network, it will take time to build, but Williams hopes to “make a sustainable positive difference in the community through simply making it easy to support excellent Black owned businesses.”

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