Rihanna’s newest album Anti has gotten a lot of buzz upon its release. The star’s controversial sales numbers have raised a lot of questions in regards to the true success of the album. However, some numbers don’t lie. Since her debut in 2006, the star has consecutively debuted singles that instantly hit Billboard’s Hot 100 list. The Barbadian singer is joining the ranks of entertainers who have made history for the amount of singles to hit the Top 10 on the Hot 100 charts.

“Work” has officially become Rihanna’s 27th song to make it to the Top 10. Other great singers who also have 27 chart topping songs are Mariah Carey, Elton John, and Janet Jackson. Anti, whose release was delayed for three years, quickly accumulated high initial sale numbers. Samsung led the way for supportive fans by granting full access to 1 million users. The deal included an interactive Anti tour via their mobile device and a free album download.

The album’s breakout single “Work,” featuring Drake, solidified Rihanna’s place as one of the artists to reach this Billboard milestone. She’s also the fastest soloist to reach the Top 10 spot. The only artists who proceed Rih’s 27 hits are The Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder.


In all, Rihanna has had a decade-long career that turned a sixteen year old teen from Barbados into a worldwide renowned star. Anti, which has a deluxe version online on iTunes with three new tracks, has a predicted sales potential of 130,000 copies by the end of it’s first full week. At only 27, the star has been named one of the most marketable spokespersons alive. From fashion to music, Rihanna turns anything she touches into gold. The star’s accomplishments show she holds the crown for our generation’s “It” girl.