Your Old Droog is on a comedic quest, sharing his take on a ‘normal’ day in Times Square in New York City.

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In his new video for the Marco Polo-produced track “42 (Forty Deuce)” Your Old Droog wears several hats, including a breakdancing Elmo, a hot dog street vendor, a homeless veteran, a street artist and most naturally, someone selling his new fire mixtape on the street.

The video is a hilarious one, looking at New York City in a clever way, matching the wordplay on the song, fitting lines such as “Like Times Square at night, I’m lit,” perfectly.


“A song that’s literally been in the making for over a decade. Wanted to flip this sample since ’05 and I finally brought it to a producer and got the job done,” Droog shared with Complex. “It’s about a special place I really used to frequent back in the days. The video is a halfway glimpse into that and my halfway breakdancing skills. ‘Yo, you listen to Hip Hop?!'”

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