This morning [Thursday, February 4], Kanye West stopped by The Neighborhood with Big Boy to discuss his album and why he’s considering it still “untitled.”

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With the name being changed three times and a social media poll placed by wife Kim Kardashian, West explains it’s all part of research and fans are actually playing a big part in the naming of this project.

“We don’t have a name yet, [with the poll] I wanted to get an opinion of how [people] felt. What I have to come to realize as being a celebrity and musician is that everyone is our family. I feel like what’s really cool about when people can tweet, comment and chime in is that we can have a continued conversation. There was so many times in my career that people thought I was going to be out of there-no more because I have made a family connection with people because they played my music in their houses with their mothers and their kids. So we love any opportunity we have to involve all of our family in the creative process. “

When asked about his ultimate goal for the fan experience with the now declared untitled album, Kanye stated it’s about “ultra light beams.”


“It’s about the heart and mind,” Kanye explained. “When I was in the studio with Kirk, I said ‘this is going to be a Gospel album’-with a whole lot of cussing; but this is the gospel according to Ye.”

Big Boy also talked about getting to preview “No More Parties in L.A.” prior to it being released, and getting to witness Kanye’s genius at work.

“I got a chance to witness you work and from my end and I can say the process of you putting together an album is unbelievable bro. I can’t wait until this project is everyone’s hands.”

Kanye also discussed how instrumental Malik Yousef was in getting the beef with Wiz Khalifa squashed.

“My brother Malik Yousef got us on the phone, he’s very close to me and very close to Wiz and we chopped it up and squashed it.”

Kanye also took time to apologize to fans who were offended about him bringing Wiz and Amber Rose‘s son Sebastian in to the online squabble.

“For those who felt a way about the kids comment, I didn’t mean it in a harmful way. I just saw my wife’s initials in a negative way and I reacted because that’s my family. People think that because my wife is on tv or participated in a SNL skit or whatever that it’s ok or that it’s just memes-but no, this is the mother of my kids.”