Snoop Dogg Asks Peyton Manning for Papa Johns Discount at Super Bowl Press Conference

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The gauntlet of reporters covering the week leading up to Super Bowl 50 more than likely ran out of questions to ask the players and coaches about the game and other related issues after the first 24 hours, so since then, they’ve been trying out different things to keep readers and viewers engaged, like sending Snoop Dogg to a presser with a microphone.

That’s what the Rich Eisen Show did, and Snoop Dogg–with said microphone–decided that he would ask Peyton Manning for a discount at Papa Johns, for whom Manning is a celebrity endorser. Peyton wasn’t flustered by the question at all, and didn’t hesitate to hit Snoop with an “absolutely” before diving into the answer for the next question Snoop threw at him, which dealt with the advice Peyton takes from his fellow familial quarterbacks, Archie and Eli. A significantly serious more question.


The Super Bowl–the actual game–goes down this Sunday at 6 p.m.