The FX channel’s The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story has reignited interest in the twisted like of OJ Simpson.

With that comes a renewed interest in those involved in the case, specifically his children. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson had two children during their marriage, Sydney and Justin, who were 5 and 8 (respectively) when their mother and her friend were slain outside of their home.

What’s even more interesting about them was they were both home, right up upstairs, when the murders took place. Many people have wondered whatever happened to the two.


A picture of Sydney recently surfaced via TMZ:

Sydney has resurfaced in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was quietly living there, until the swell of interest over the FX crime drama about her father.

Sydney, now 30, blended in with the rest of her neighbors doing the usual errands … taking out the trash and walking her dog.

You can’t help but feel bad … Sydney was 8 and her brother, Justin, only 5 when their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson, was nearly decapitated at her Brentwood condo while they both slept upstairs.

Though it’s good to hear she’s doing well, we hope all the buzz about the new show doesn’t lead to her being bothered by the paparazzi as she tries to live a peaceful life.