Last year a story tweeted out by a woman commonly known as Zola went ridiculously viral, making international headlines and prompting social media to begin suggesting potential cast members and directors for a potential movie based on its plot. The story was so dramatic and eye-popping, many thought it to be fiction. In short, Zola and a new friend, a fellow stripper named Jessica, went on a crazy trip to Florida that resulted in murder, theft, prostitution escapades and jail time. In long, there are enough twists and turns in Zola’s story for even the most imagination-challenged director to craft an enthralling thriller, and according to Variety James Franco is up to the task.

zola story

Franco will reportedly base the plot of the story off Rolling Stone‘s official interview with the vivid Twitter story-teller, titled Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted. Details for the casting of the film have yet to be revealed, so have fun debating who should play which role.