Here’s Video of that Massive Crane Falling Over in New York City Earlier Today

Earlier today in New York City, a crane toppled over and crushed a row of parked cars in Lower Manhattan, killing one person and seriously injuring three others. The crane, which is 565 feet long, was being lowered into a more secure position–which is required by its manufacturer when winds exceed 25 mph–when it picked up momentum and continued straight into the ground, killing 38-year-old David Wichs, who was sitting in his parked car. The other three injuries, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio, occurred when nearby pedestrians were hurt by falling debris.

Above is a video clip taken by a man that watched the crane go down in real time early this morning from a nearby office building. Though it’s hard to see exactly at which point of its descent the crane lost control, it’s demise becomes apparent soon after the video gets started, and the squeals of the people watching it happen pretty much mirror what must have been going on in everyone’s head as they watched a monstrosity of a crane topple over during rush hour.