Terrence J recently sat sat down with Hot 97 to discuss his new film, The Perfect Match. During the interview (and keeping in theme with the movie) he spoke extensively on heartbreak from a man’s standpoint.

“When you have a good woman and you lose her for reasons that are your own and you watch her be happy with someone else, it’s hard,” Terrence said. “It’s hard for a man because we are possessive.”

When asked about his relationship status, Terrence replied he’s “not ready yet” but he also let ladies know it may go down in his DMs—but he’s not exactly sure how to check them.

“I may get messages but to be honest, I don’t know how to check it. I will let [show host Nessa] look at them and maybe you can help me.”

In regards to his love scene with Cassie, Terrence admits he was a little reluctant to hook up with her on screen. Terrence stated it wasn’t until he jumped on FaceTime with Diddy that he was able to relax and put his best foot forward.

“Puff FaceTimed me and was like, ‘Playboy. You good. You my little brother. I’m going to be more mad at you if this movie is wack than I am if you touch her. So make it look authentic.'”

Terrence also discussed making the transition into film, and gave his thoughts on the Oscars, and what changes are needed to bring more diversity to Hollywood and the award show itself.

“I wanted to make movies that reflected us,” Terrence continued. “I like movies like 500 Days of Summer and Fault in Our Stars and I want to see us in more films like that.”

In regards to really making a difference in the film industry, Terrence’s suggestion is similar to that of his colleagues: “We have to support our own.”