During Black History Month (and every month of the year), we celebrate the strength and awareness of Michelle Obama, and recognize her accomplishments over the course of her time as the first Black First Lady of the United States.

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Mrs. Obama has been engaged in many humanitarian efforts, from the Red Cross, the fight against obesity, promoting physical activity and supporting our army and military.

She helped launch and cultivate an overall healthier lifestyle movement while President Barack Obama was busy creating historic healthcare reform. She has spoken on many occasions and created different platforms educating awareness on health issues throughout society with commercials, speeches, and community work.


In 2010, “Let’s Move!” was launched to address the issue of childhood obesity by uniting community leaders, parents, educators, and many others. These efforts included healthier meals and more physical activities in schools.

In 2011, “Joining Forces” was launched with the help of Dr. Jill Biden to support service members and veterans through wellness and opportunities of employment.

In 2014, her “Reach Higher” program surfaced to encourage the youth around the country to achieve their higher education by exposing them to college and career opportunities.

And in 2015, Mrs. Obama united with President Obama creating “Let Girls Learn,” which is a government initiative to provide informative programs that help young women around the world achieve a full education.

Mrs. Obama has powerfully guided us towards a healthier lifestyle, and for this, her legacy will forever be remembered.