According to DNA Info New York, the City Council announced that it would pass legislation to rename the section of Sedgewick Avenue that includes DJ Kool Herc‘s old address, Hip Hop Boulevard.

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1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the South Bronx was the location where Kool Herc DJed some of the very first Hip Hop parties and has been recognized as the site as the birth of Hip Hop, according to a statement from Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson’s office. It is said that 1520 Sedgewick is where the very first Hip Hop jam was thrown by Herc and his sister on August 11, 1973.

Councilwoman Gibson says that the renaming is meant to honor both DJ Kool Herc and the overall contributions that The Bronx has made to creating hip-hop over the years.


“I’m thankful that it has evolved to a genre of music that has gained so much attention and popularity,” she said. “We have a lot of Bronx natives who are trailblazers.”