You might go and revisit your 9os Hip Hop favorites after hearing Smoke DZA’s newest release “Morals,” a collaboration with producer Harry Fraud.

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From the duo’s upcoming album He Has Risen, the single features Snoop Dogg who aids in solidifying the overall nostalgic sound, while assisting DZA in calling out the new generation he accuses of glorifying snitches and having no respect for the game.

Check out “Morals” as well as the tracklist for He Has Risen below. The album has a release date of March 4.


Check out the track list for He Has Risen below.

1. “Badabing’s Theme”
2. “Heard That”
3. “The Plot”
4. “Morals” Ft. Snoop Dogg
5. “Stage Five Steamer”
6. “It’s Real”
7. “100K”
8. “Go Get It”
9. “Morningside Sunset”