Beyonce owned yesterday, dropping a new music video, “Formation,” out of nowhere that oozed with Southern drawl and overt references to black culture. Her timing couldn’t be more perfect, considering Tidal’s recent hot streak–see: ANTI–, Black History Month and tonight’s Super Bowl performance, where she’ll join Coldplay and Bruno Mars on one of the biggest stages in the world.

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Despite the hidden meanings and imagery from the Mike Will Made It-produced “Formation” that have been celebrated for the last 24 hours, a line about Red Lobster immediately trended on social media, and for good reason. Whether or not Red Lobster is an appropriate restauraunt to take a woman for a date is a topic that is debated ad nauseum on Twitter and Facebook, but Beyonce threw a monkey wrench in that argument with this:

When he f*ck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster


Most thought it was only a matter of time before Red Lobster capitalized on the free publicity and promotion, but for much of Saturday, the account was silent. Not one tweet about anything, actually, let alone “Formation.” Finally, after even tweets about their account not tweeting went viral, Red Lobster emerged from whichever service-less abyss their social media manager must have been hanging out in, and…well…did their best.

We’d hate to be sitting in their social media marketing meeting tomorrow morning.