In the 26th bust of a corrections officers breaking the rules on the infamous Riker’s Island, a female guard was charged with the rape of an inmate, along with contraband charges for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the facility.

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30 year old corrections officer Nicole Bartley, who was stationed at the George R. Vierno Center jail, said the inmate tricked her into an intimate fling and coerced her into bringing him marijuana.

Bartley, 2003 graduate of Bronx Leadership Academy, was busted by a drug sniffing dog who alerted the police when she smuggled the marijuana into the center. She admitted that she slept with the inmate and later agreed pick up some marijuana for him.


“I was in love with him. He used me and played me for a fool. I had sex with him on one occasion in the jail a few days before Jan. 30,” she said. “I used a condom. It was in the closet in the morning when everyone else was locked in. It only lasted five minutes.”

Bartley was arrested this weekend after investigators found her in her Bronx home with about 70 grams of marijuana, which she said was intended for her prison-bound lover.