Although it’s been a long and arduous process years in the making, K. Michelle has finally publicly buried the hatchet with ex Memphitz Wright. After years of bad blood, the two are reportedly able to move forward after recently having a face to face discussion that ended their years of feuding.

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Early Sunday morning [February 7, 2016], Michelle took to Instagram to pen a long, heartfelt message to her fans about the power of forgiveness. She revealed that after closing the painful chapter in her past involving Wright, it had finally freed her to move on and grow into the woman she wanted to be.

Have you ever had that 1 thing that you just couldn’t seem to heal from. You prayed about it, cried, even tried to convince yourself that you were over it. This 1 thing has held me hostage to hurt for 5 years. 5 years of open wounds. Numbness is not healing. This week I took pride in someone else’s hurt, because they hurt me. My Little spat with Toya was uncalled for but needed. For the first time in years I spoke to Memphitz.? Yes I still can’t believe it. I faced my fear and decided to confront this without lawyers,family members, or cameras in the way. To my surprise it was not only a mature convo, but I felt like the world had been lifted off my back. I spoke my peace, he spoke his and the closure happened. We even laughed. I thanked him for being the first person to sign me to a label, and he even apologized for the numerous negative social media post. Wow. In a funny way I thank him. I know what it’s like to be at your lowest and have the world pointing fingers at you. My heart is Teflon. I forgive HIM now maybe I can start forgiving THEM. I truly wish him the best, because hating him was only killing me. He has a gift when it comes to discovering talent, like me and Tpain. I pray he finds his home in the music. Let this be a lesson learned. Stay out of people’s personal affairs, you only make them worse. The only people who can solve the problem are the parties involved. Stop waiting around on people’s apologies, cause you may never get it, and if you do it might be 2late. Today on the video set I was so darn proud of the woman I’m becoming. It’s a constant battle of self. Now if I can only get rid of Petty Betty(my alter ego). I have an amazing career, a great son, a man that I adore, and I’m young and just really getting started. It’s time to let it go. 1 less issue. I told my story and that’s the end of this chapter. Good night

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Since Michelle’s reintroduction to the world in 2012 after starring in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, there had been continuous drama surrounding her and Wright after he filed a defamation lawsuit against VH1. According to him, Michelle had damaged his brand and compromised his position as a music exec after accusing him of physically abusing her and spending her label’s advancement check to her.

In 2015, Wright lost the longstanding suit against VH1 and LLHATL producers after it was determined that the claims Michelle made against Wright were true. Despite the ugliness of their past history, it’s great that the two were able to find resolve and come to a truce.