The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words is so accurate at a moment like this. Monday morning (February 8), it was revealed that the New York Knicks, namely franchise president Phil Jackson, fired head coach Derek Fisher after the team lost 9 of its last 10 games. Fisher was infamously involved in a situation with current Memphis Grizzles forward and former teammate Matt Barnes this past summer when Barners allegedly punched him in the face after Fisher was caught creeping with his estranged wife.

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The most memorable part is Barnes driving 95 miles to give him the hand of God but that is another story. As the season began, Matt Barnes was suspended 2 games for his part in what transpired and fined $35K for his comments on Fisher: “violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.” Since then, Barnes has been silent on the subject and when the news broke of Fisher’s firing, he was still silent…sort of.

He took to his Instagram account and posted a photo of himself staring narrowly into the camera without any caption. Take what you will from this, but the Internet certainly hears him loud and clear.


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