The often mystifying world of finance continues to generate interest among the general public.

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The lives of the people who directly or indirectly affect our finances fascinate people who aren’t in that world. The finance sector is not a one size fits all. For example, the world of hedge funds differs from that of Wall Street traders. Wall Street traders’ lives differ from those who buy and sell bonds and mutual funds, and so on.

Showtime’s new show Billions, by all accounts, seems to be a hit for the network. It shows the battle between a blue collar billionaire and a United States Attorney looking to exact justice on those who seem to slip the hands of the justice system. The film Equity continues that tradition with a little twist. That twist is showing what life is like for the women who work on Wall Street trading securities.


Pay equity and diversity in finance have been huge topics in the past and every few years seem to flare up. Some news outlets have reported women earn 70 cents to every dollar a man does. As for diversity in the finance industry, Catalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of women through workplace inclusion, published statistics on the topic. According to them in 2014, only 2.1 percent of women are CEOs of S&P 500 companies. They also reported only 9.4 percent of women were managers at private equity, hedge fund, or venture capital companies. In various parts of the finance industry, women make up nearly 50 percent of all employees.

Equity is about the lives of women on Wall Street and will be released through a women led and controlled company Broad Street Pictures. It is scheduled to be released in 2016.

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