The rumors around the NBA have focused mainly on Kevin Durant, and what he will do when he becomes the most high-profile free agent since LeBron James in 2010, but he isn’t the only guy teams will be clamoring for in the near future. Russell Westbrook becomes an unrestricted free agent the very next summer, and if you think teams aren’t going to be selling their souls for a shot at another one of the best players in the league, you’re not paying attention.

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According to the perennial champion of NBA whisperers, Adrian Wojnarowski, the New York Knicks could be one of those teams in prime position to land the UCLA native, who is putting up ridiculous numbers once again–24.1 points, 10 assists, 7.6 rebounds–for the Thunder, who sit in 3rd place in the Western Conference behind the Warriors and Spurs.

The Knicks have a real chance to sell Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook in 2017 – New York and Porzingis have his attention, yes – and Jackson ought to start constructing an elite coaching staff to begin that process with Westbrook and with free agents beyond him.


It’s an interesting proposition. The Knicks have been a revolving door at the point guard position, and the “Big 3” of Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Kristapz Porzingis should excite any organization, and will likely impress Russell Westbrook, who is already used to sharing the ball with a superstar in Durant. Of course, it’s all speculation for now, but July madness is always around the corner.