If you’re like the rest of us who peruse the Internet daily or happened to be fixated on the game while the Denver Broncos scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter bringing their lead to 22-10 over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, you might have seen Eli Manning’s awkward reaction that has since gone viral.

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Known for his now signature “Manning face” whenever he has a mishap during a game, Eli had a similar look on his face during the Super Bowl as the entire Manning family cheered in a suite overlooking big brother Peyton’s team about to seal the victory. Per usual, the Internet caught wind of this and did not let Eli forget about it.


Many assumed that little brother Eli was hating hard as he watched Peyton get closer to his 2nd Super Bowl ring, which would match Eli’s 2 rings. TMZ caught up with him and he offered an explanation.

I was just focused on whether they were going for two. The defense had to make some stops.

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.” – JAY Z