Joe Johnson Destroys Jusuf Nurkic With Crossover, Hits One-Legged Game-Winner

Joe Johnson is currently in the midst of a pretty off year, averaging just 12 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds per game for the lowly Brooklyn Nets, but last night is proof that the clutch factor of his game hasn’t gone anywhere. With the Nets down two points with just 1.2 seconds on the clock, Johnson received the inbounds pass, took one quick dribble, then tossed up a high-arcing three-point shot off one leg, that banked hard off the backboard and swished through, giving Brooklyn a one-point victory at the buzzer. Classic Joe Johnson. Before the 4th quarter theatrics however, Johnson began his finishing of the Nuggets with Jusuf Nurkic, the burly Denver center that was left out on the perimeter (where he really doesn’t belong) guarding Johnson one-on-one thanks to some not-so-clever defensive switching. Johnson proceeded to do away with Nurkic, first with a quick right-to-left crossover, then with a devastating step back move that quite literally sent Nurkic flying to the ground in an entangled mess. It looked so bad in real-time, that Nurkic took to Twitter to assure folks that outside of needing to be iced, his joints are just fine.

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