Two weeks ago, Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis broke his right forearm during the NFC Championship game and was committed to playing in Super Bowl 50. The following day he underwent surgery, having a metal plate implanted into the broken forearm with 11 screws. In Sunday’s Super Bowl, which saw his team fall 24-10 to the champion Denver Broncos, Davis played with a protective cast over the arm and still finished second on the team in tackles with a total of 7.

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After the loss, Davis took to his Instagram account, sharing a photo of his repaired arm without the cast, which has more than 40 stitches. In the post, he made it clear that he was not posting the flick to show how tough he is, but rather, to show how much love he has for his teammates.


In a statement to reporters after the game, he said that his arm is feeling fine.

It’s one of those things that you go into the game and you have a game plan. We executed the game plan from a body standpoint. Our trainers did an amazing job of making sure that I was ready to go and that I didn’t have any issues throughout the game.

After the Panthers ended their season with an NFL best 15-1 record, Davis told the media that the season would mean nothing if they don’t win it all in the Super Bowl. His sentiments did change after the crushing loss.

We definitely had a successful season. But you know, we let so many people down. It’s tough to get over that feeling.