Can “The Worm” be the savior for the Knicks’ disappointing yet promising season?

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Kurt Rambis. Luke Walton. Tom Thibbodeau. These three names are projected as the top candidates for the head coaching position for the New York Knicks. After news got out Phil fired Derek Fisher, another former player Jackson coached decided to throw his name in the head coaching ring circus of fire: Dennis Rodman.

Phil’s former player in the Chicago Bulls mid 90s dynasty days took to Twitter to let Jackson and the public know he’s here to save the day for all New York hoop fans.


Only time will tell if Phil the “Zen Master” will seriously take the 7x NBA rebounding champion’s offer into consideration. After the performance Fisher displayed during his two seasons in New York, it doesn’t look likely Phil will take another risk on one of his former players stepping into the role which made him a walking NBA icon.