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Black Mamba is preparing to say goodbye to the game that has bought him so much joy, wealth and power for over 20 years.  The successful superstar has confirmed that he will continue with his signature line after his retirement. Two of the most biggest athletes such as Penny Hardaway and Michael Jordan have had much success with their signature lines after retirement. Kobe and his legacy will reign on of course, was the Nike Kobe even needed to assure that? Kobe just recently did an interview with Sole Collector’s Gerald Flores and explains that he will most definitely continue to produce more Kobe’s and other mamba products. Check out the interview questions below and read the full piece here.


Excerpt from interview:


Where Do You See The Kobe Line Going After You Retire?

We’ll remain extremely consistent with what we’ve been doing, which is creating innovative products that help athletes be the best versions of themselves. That’s not going to change. I don’t focus on how fashion changes. I only focus on creating innovative product. Hopefully the consumer knows by now that if you’re buying a Kobe product, you’re buying something that’s been thought through. We pay attention to detail all the way through. You’re buying something that’s going to help you perform better. That’s not going to stop.

So You’re Saying There’s Going To Be A Nike Kobe 12, 13 And So Forth?

Absolutely. We’ll continue to evolve. We’re going to continue to push and the line will keep growing.